Miłosława Pancerz-Łoś

She graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk with honours: Primus Inter Pares. In the period from 2002-2010 she worked as an assistant in the Department of Dental Prosthetics at the Medical University of Gdańsk. In 2009 she obtained a Specialist’s degree in the area of dental prosthetics. She gained experience in orthodontics in numerous training courses in Poland and abroad. In 2013 she completed an internship in the International Orthodontic Center in Santiago de Compostella, Spain, with Prof. Suarez. She is a co-founder of a Non-public Healthcare Institution “Miladent” – a Centre for Dental Implantology. In 2014 she completed her studies with distinction and became Doctor of Medicine. She participates in many technical courses in the field of orthodontics, implantology, prosthodontics, dentistry and aesthetic medicine. Currently she is an audit student of International Training Center for Anti-Aging Medicine. She is a co-author of numerous articles on the influence of metalic alloys used in crowns and their impact on immunological and microbiological environment in the oral cavity, as well as on changes leading to the rejection of implants.

In her free time she follows her passion. Last year she took part in Susz Triathlon, Herbalife Ironman in Gdynia and Aquathlon in Rumia.

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