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Periodontology is specialised treatment of periodontal and oral mucous membrane diseases. It eliminates problems, such as exposed necks and loose teeth, red and bleeding gums, sensitivity to hot and cold food or unpleasant odor of the mouth, etc.

The objective of hygienisation treatments carried out in the surgery is to cure problems listed above, and to remove plaque and tartar.

In general, professional teeth cleaning procedure should be done every six months, and in case of people with dental braces and gum problems – every 2-3 months.

For this purpose we perform: scaling, sandblasting, subgingival curettage, fluoridation.

Scaling is a procedure of tartar removal using an ultrasonic device.

Sandblasting is a procedure of plaque removal. It is done with a sandblaster that distributes pressurized water and special dental sand.

Fluoridation is performed after the teeth cleaning procedures. Fluoride ions are built into tooth surface as they are applied on the enamel for several minutes. This procedure is supposed to strengthen the enamel surface. It is completely painless.

Subgingival curettage cleanses pathological pockets. As a result, the pockets become smaller, inflammation is treated and the teeth are more stable.

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