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Dental surgery

Dental Surgery in Gdańsk

Dental surgery is a branch of medicine dedicated to surgical treatment of oral cavity and adjacent areas. Surgical procedures are preceded by specialist consultation and diagnostics. They are performed with regional anesthesia in an aseptic environment of the surgery area.

At our clinic we perform the following procedures:

●        tooth extraction (removal),

●        impacted tooth extraction,

●        tooth root tips resection,

●        hemisection (keeping the healthy half of a tooth),

●        radectomy (removal of one of the roots of a tooth),

●        undercutting of the frenulum of the tongue and lip,

●        plastic surgery of alveolar process of maxilla,

●        uncovering impacted teeth during orthodontic treatment,

●        enucleation of cyst,

●        surgical removal of lesions within the oral mucosa membrane.


Tooth extraction (removal) is performed in case of:

●        surgical indication,

●        orthodontic indication,

●        teeth damage by caries,

●        unfinished treatments.

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