Endodontics is a branch of conservative dentistry dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of dental pulp and periapical tissues. The primary method of treatment is root canal treatment.

Endodontic treatment is recommended in case of really deep cavities, pulp necrosis, after fractures or dental subluxation, and, in some cases, due to prosthetic indications prior to making a crown or a bridge.

It consists of removing bacteria from tooth canals in a mechanical and chemical way, with special tools and antiseptic mouthwash, and then filling them precisely.

Due to the diversity in the anatomy of canals, their curvature, small diameter, lateral branches –  it is difficult to predict the outcome of a treatment accurately.

Root canal treatment in our clinic is painless. We use an endometer to measure the length of canals, and the latest endodontic machine systems (VDW Silver Reciproc). They are a guarantee of the highest precision of a procedure.